Bases With Flavourings

PreGel’s Bases with Flavour offer dessert makers looking for a more streamlined product, a simple two-step success strategy that produces instant frozen desserts. The mix includes the base, flavour, and sugar, therefore only requiring the addition of milk or water. The ease of the product line removes the need for measuring and allows for the same consistency every time.

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  • Banana Super Sprint
    Berries are vibrant, delicious, and fun to eat. Bananas are no exception. The delightful taste of this yellow-coated herbaceous berry is showcased in our instant powdered mix, perfect for making a variety of gelato.
  • Birthday Cake Blu Super Sprint
    This delicious flavour powder takes the best part of baking and transforms it into an exciting instant dessert powder. Imagine providing your customers the nostalgic opportunity to devour cake batter with sprinkles or any other desired topping … now you don’t have to.
  • Butter Pecan Super Sprint
    PreGel Butter Pecan Super Sprint - offering the classic earthy flavour of buttery, caramelized pecans, sweet vanilla spice, and subtle brown sugar, PreGel's instant flavoured powder mix exacts the traditional taste continuously voted top three favourite flavours.
  • Cappuccino Splenda® Super Sprint
    Enriched with Beneo® fibre and made with Splenda® Brand Sweeteners, this instant flavoured powdered base lightens up the pleasurable experience of consuming the charming blend of traditionally prepared espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam, but in the form an artisanal frozen dessert. * For sugar-free and low calorie gelato, use skimmed milk or water
  • Cheesecake Super Sprint
    An staple on every dessert menu, this irresistible flavour blend of fresh cheese, sugar, and eggs is perfectly captured in this flavoured base. Perfect for flavouring, topping, or adding inclusions, any way you slice it, your customers will thank you for it.
  • Chocolate Splenda® Super Sprint
    Though Beneo® fibre and Splenda® Brand Sweeteners may lighten this instant flavoured powdered base, the rich chocolate flavour it produces definitely highlights why cocoa was originally called the “food of the gods”. * For sugar-free and low calorie gelato, use skimmed milk or water
  • Chocolate Super Sprint
    Theobroma, or “food of the gods” has established a concrete place on menus, and PreGel’s powdered flavoured base brings all the goodness of this coveted treat to the table.
  • Coconut Super Sprint
    Moist, exotic flakes of tropical coconut have an undeniable flavour that is unmistakable. Its subtle sweetness and refreshing qualities are the basis for many of North America’s most popular desserts. PreGel’s coconut flavoured base creates the impeccable flavour of one of the world’s most popular fruits.
  • Cotton Candy Super Sprint (Pink)
    There is no reason why your customers can’t enjoy the sweet taste of one of the most popular carnival novelties as an artisanal gelato any time of the year. Utilize this instant powdered cotton candy-flavoured base to add some festivity to your menu.
  • Dark Chocolate Sorbetto Super Sprint
    With all of the increasing reports of the health benefits surrounding dark chocolate, the captivating taste of sweet chocolate with just a hint of alluring bitterness that follows has always been well-known. This decadent taste is one that our flavoured powder base delivers with the exceptional quality of an actual bar, and only requires water to create.
  • Fior di Latte Splenda® Super Sprint (Sweetened Milk)
    Beneo® fibre and Splenda® Brand Sweeteners makes the sweetened milk essence of this instant flavoured powdered base taste as pure as its translated name, flower of milk. * For sugar-free and low calorie gelato, use skimmed milk or water
  • Gianduiotto Super Sprint (Dark Chocolate Hazelnut)
    Dark chocolate is a culinary staple with strong staying power that is frequently combined with the robust flavour of hazelnut. Utilize our flavoured powdered base to recreate this timeless combination into your own version of chocolate truffles or an artisanal version of a highly coveted and wildly trendy chocolate-hazelnut spread.
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